..... Gani Kashmiri is an unrivalled Persian poet whose reputation transcended the boundaries of Indian sub-continent during his life time. His name was Muhammad Tahir. Gani was his penname and he became famous as Gani Kashmiri. Much is not known about his earlier life. His family surname was Asahie. He was born at Rajouri Kadal and lived most of his life there. His ancestors are believed to have migrated from Central Asia few centuries prior to his birth. He lies buried a little distance away from his house.

Gani is believed to have been born in the 11th century Hijra, corresponding to 17th century A.D., though there is difference of opinion among scholars about the exact year. Some believe he died at a young age of 41 but his various verses allude to the fact that he lived much longer and passed away as an aged person. He was formally educated and attained proficiency in literature, philosophy and medicine. Sheikh Mohsin Fani was his teacher.