Release of Khawariqus Saliqeen and Catalogue of Manuscripts

At an impressive function organized in connection with the launch of Automation & Networking of Public Libraries Project (Pilot Phase) on October 28th 2011, Minister for Tourism and Culture, Nawang Rigzin Jora released two significant and voluminous title published by the Department of Libraries & Research.

These include Urdu translation of a 17th century Persian manuscript, Khawarikus Saliqeen, by Mullah Ahmad Bin Abdus Saboor Kashmiri and the Catalogue of Manuscripts detailing the rich cultural treasure of the department.
With this, the publication programme of the Department which had suffered a break for some time has been restarted. Khawarikus Saliqeen is an important document on the cultural history of Kashmir depicting the lives and achievements of more than 800 Muslim saints beginning from Syed Abdur Rehman popularly known as Bulbul Sahab.
The Catalogue of Manuscripts serves as a guide to the rich manuscripts collection of the department to researchers and students of Kashmir studies.