The Department has a prized collection of manuscripts, presently housed in the Oriental Research Library. This treasure of 5824 manuscripts in various languages and scripts like Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, Balti, Hindi, Sharda, and Kashmiri, is considered to be one of the richest manuscripts collection in South Asia.

The copies of the digitized manuscripts are available on the payment of Rs. 10 per folio (2 pages). The material shall be used for academic reference only and for publication, the user is required to obtain proper permission from the Competent Authority (Director General of Libraries & Research, J&K).

All these manuscripts have been digitized.

  Arabic Manuscript

  Bakha Manuscript

  Balti Manuscript

  Brij Basha Manuscript

  Dogri Manuscript

  Gojri Manuscript

  Hindi Manuscript

  Kashmiri Manuscript

  Pastu Manuscript

  Persian Manuscript

  Punjabi Manuscript

  Sanskrit Manuscript

  Turki Manuscript