1. Reading community is provided with national and local newspapers and magazines to keep them abreast with the latest happenings around the globe.
2. Keeping facilities available for the public use of reference media, records and publications.
3. Circulation of books and making available of periodicals and reference materials of varied general interest through the chain of public libraries and lending depots/reading rooms across the State.
4. Providing, against payment, copies of manuscripts or parts thereof to the scholars for their use in accordance with rules.

Grievance Redressal System
1. Under Right to information Act 2010.
2. The two Deputy Directors functioning as provincial heads have been nominated as Public Information Officers for the two Divisions to redress public grievances under the Right to Information Act with provision of Appeal to the higher authorities and to the Chief Information Commissioner.

Expectations from Citizens

Citizens are expected to:
1. Make full use of public libraries and take advantage of the Government policy to promote the culture of reading, writing and research.
2. Return in time the books issued to them from public libraries so that dissemination of knowledge in respect of other people is not blocked.
3. Value the treasure present in the libraries as priceless heritage required by them and their future generations for understanding themselves and the world.
4. Participate in the promotion of the culture of reading and writing by taking full advantage of the library facilities.
5. Provide feedback on the library services and suggest improvement.
6. Utilize the library source to know their past in order to understand their present